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Warranty becomes effective upon full payment of the purchase price for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. At Koof Australia we strive to eliminate the need to return for warranty issues but in the event, a customer should require warranty they must retain their receipt of purchase and must return the trailer at our Head office/factory at 106-110 Tasman Street Kurnell. Customers can seek warranty under certain conditions and Koof Australia has the right to either repair or replace the faulty component or trailer.


Customers right to Claim warranty

  • Goods do not match the description advertised or match the sample that they were shown.
  • Has a factory fault the customer could not have known about at the time of purchase.
  • Does not perform the function specified or advised by KOOF on how it would work.
  • Parts or workmanship failure during the first 12 months
  • Koof Australia must attend and resolve the warranty issue as soon as practical.


KOOF Conditions of Warranty

  • If the goods are not repairable, we may replace the item at fault or the entire trailer.
  • All goods distributed by the KOOF are guaranteed against defective parts or workmanship.
  • Cosmetic issues are not considered as a warranty item, the customer understands metal components especially galvanized can have color variation and defects that do not compromise the use and ability to operate the goods
  • KOOF Australia’s liability for faulty or wrongly supplied goods is limited to refunds of the invoiced value or the replacement of the goods.
  • KOOF Australia’s obligation in respect to its Products is limited to replacement of any product which is proven to be defective, provided in each case written notice is provided soon as practical after the discovery of the defect.
  • KOOF Australia shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, (including costs to return the goods to the Factory) including such but not limited to loss of anticipated profits or benefits resulting from the use of the products or otherwise arising out of any breach of any warranty even if KOOF Australia has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
  • Where applicable, this liability will not exceed the manufacturers’ warranty.


KOOF Australia’s obligation to repair or replace goods does not apply to any Product that has been:

  • Damaged arising from faulty or incorrect fitting by customer
  • Used for any purpose other than for what it is designed for.
  • Misused, neglect in service, maintenance or accident, including causes external to the product.
  • Altered in such manner as to affect adversely its performance, stability or reliability.
  • Subject to environment stress (rust)
  • Customers have simply changed their mind, or no longer required
  • Goods were damaged after purchase.
  • No proof of purchase, i.e. the customer does not have their receipt.
  • Wear & tear, rust or inflicted damaged

A trailer is a vehicle and requires ongoing maintenance. Failure due to lack of maintenance is not covered by KOOF Australia:

  • All trailers require wheel nuts and wheel bearings checked and adjusted after the first 250kms of use.
  • All wheel nuts should be checked at minimum once a month. During high duty use they should be checked more frequently.
  • All trailer must have the wheel bearing’s adjusted and packed every 6 months, failure to do so will cause premature wear of the wheel bearing and associated parts.
  • All boat trailers have Installed bearing buddies,  bearing buddies must be filled after each time the trailer is submerged.
  • The only exemption on this is where oil bathed hubs are fitted, bearing tension should be checked every 12 months.
  • All repairs and maintenance (not including the pumping of bearing buddies) must be completed by a qualified mechanic.
  • Proof of maintenance must be kept.



 Refund Conditions

No collection or delivery of goods can be made until payment is received in full in cleared funds.

Refunds will not be given for incorrect choice or no longer required reasons. A 20% deposit is required for goods, not in stock and needs to order. No refund is given if the order is canceled for any reason. If the customer is notified the order is complete and trailers are not collected within 2 weeks a storage fee may apply.

Acceptable payments include Visa and Master Credit/Debit cards , Eftpos, Cash, Internet Transfer and Direct Deposit.

All goods and trailers remain the property of KOOF Australia until payment is made in full

If full payment has not been made or canceled without the customer correcting in a reasonable time and customer has possession of the goods KOOF Australia has the right to repossess the goods to recover the outstanding debt. The customer agrees to provide immediate access to any premises or business where KOOF Australia believes the goods might be held or located to enable full recovery of debt.


12 months Manufacturer’s Warranty on all brand new trailers only. (Warranty is excluded if trailer or goods are sold as second-hand or used)

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