All Trailers Upgraded as Standard to Alloy Wheels

KOOF Trailers has carefully selected a range of Alloy wheels specifically made for the rough
conditions trailers put them through. Load Rated and ready for punishment not only our
wheels strong but Aesthetically pleasing.

USA Grade Brake System

All of our hydraulic brakes use a quality 225 Calliper and either a 5 stud 10 inch ventilated
rotor or a 6 stud 12 inch ventilated rotor. These are corrosion resistant and offer the best braking available for your next trailer!

Quality Brands

KOOF Trailers uses a range of top-quality Australian products where possible. Everything
from the fantastic ALKOIQ7 that we exclusively use on our Electric Braked Boat trailers to
Australian Performance Boxes premium range of boxes that are used to transform the look
and functionality of our flat beds.

Superior Design

We have been using trailers in all conditions imaginable, to extreme beach launching,
loading up buggy’s for off-road adventures to towing some of the largest LV Trailers in NSW.
We have used them enough to know what works!.

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